William Lurcott

Self taught, William Lurcott seeks to express the relevance and relationship of nature in his work using pastels, acrylics, and oils. He often makes his own supports to provide a variety of texture and tension not available commercially. He is in corporate and private collections in nearly every state, Canada, and across the Atlantic. Lurcott traveled across the country doing juried national outdoor shows for ten years before an airplane accident left him physically unable to do so.
“For me, every painting is an engagement of my spiritual, physical, mental, and perceptual wherewithal. It is a journey which constantly engages the action of balance.” Lurcott describes himself as an expressive realist and a colorist.
Aligning with the magic and perfection that we call nature is really where all of my paintings start. It is something that I feel as much as something that I see. When my work can sing the song that inspired me to paint the scene, I know I can say that I am finished with that piece.


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