Antwan Ramar

[email protected]

Orlando, FL

Originally from rural Wisconsin, Antwan Ramar has always been inspired by nature’s beauty. He started his career as a caricaturist, drawing people face-to-face, attempting to capture more than just the physical traits of the individual. After a fine art education, his goal is the same, to reveal and exaggerate the universal truths of the subject through his perceptual lens. He takes those lessons with him into all of his artistic ventures, listening to his first impressions, and working to emphasize the aesthetic mood. Antwan studied in a San Diego, CA atelier under teachers with extensive experience in their fields. In that time his curricular focus was on concept art and illustration while learning the fundamentals in drawing and painting, giving him the tools to take his art in any direction. Always looking for the subtle poetry of each subject, Antwan paints the “adjective” not the “noun” of the scene



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