Gary Rupp


Winter Park, Florida
[email protected]

Just as a musician selects from a cacophony of sounds to make music, I

see my work as an artist is to organize the colors surrounding all of us into

something beautiful called a painting. “Life has a way of pushing aside the

soul. Art reminds us we have one.” To awaken another person’s soul is a

deep privilege indeed.

Gary Rupp began plein air painting as a student at Wheaton College and

still recalls the simple joy of translating the open spaces of Illinois and Iowa

onto a canvas. Over ten years ago, he started painting with pastels and

sought training several pastelists, such as, Terri Ford, Albert Handell,

Maggie Price, Elizabeth Mowry and Michal Chesley Johnson. He found

pastels gave him a method to paint with the purest pigments and a

remarkable luminosity. The combination of pastels and plein air painting

just added to the excitement.

Gary now teaches pastel painting at the Crealde School of Art in Winter

Park, FL and is the current President of the Appalachian Pastel Society in

Asheville, NC. where he is a Signature Member. In December of 2017,

Gary was honored to be selected by the Pastel Journal as one of seven

international artists to watch in 2018. Other good things that have

happened for Gary in the past year include:

Award of Excellence, The 7th Annual North Carolina Statewide Juried

Pastel Exhibition, Greensboro, NC May 11 – June 12, 2018

First Honorable Mention Award, The 2018 Juried Member Exhibition of the

Appalachian Pastel Society, Asheville, NC July – September, 2018

Selected for the 33rd International Associations of Pastel Societies Juried

Exhibition: The IAPS 2018 Web Show November 2018

Fabulous Florida Invitational Exhibition, Ocean Art Gallery, Flagler Beach,

FL April 7 – May 4, 2018


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