Jennifer Holmes

[email protected]                                                                                   Wesbrook, CT                                                                                        

Plein Air painting is exciting to me as a painter, since I’m inspired by being outside in the natural light. It’s like a good ‘read’, because you’re so focused painting into the experience of being in the mood of each place. Triumphantly closing the ‘book’, you find yourself still full of the emotions instilled by the place. You are, in essence, still there. Working to create that same sense of presence for the viewer is part of my challenge, and enjoyment, in painting.

Through experiencing the natural world outdoors; I’m intent on painting the color, space, and abstracted shapes combined with composition, to create mood and excitement in the painting and the process. Painting in the traditions of outdoor painters of the early New England Plein Air Painters of Old Lyme, CT, and Rockport, MA, I paint on location most of the time. Painting en plein air, or painting out of doors, allows me the chance to capture a bit o’ the life in the constantly changing light and atmospheric conditions.

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