Sherry Whitney





[email protected]

Tallahassee, FL



Sherry is a Florida native and delights in the local climate and surroundings. She has had a lifelong interest in the arts. She received her bachelor’s degree in art from FSU in 1974.  She got serious about watercolor during the 80’s and enjoyed doing landscapes and portraits, including a number of commissions.  Over the years, many of her watercolor pieces have been represented in several local galleries. Several years ago, she renewed her interest in oil painting for the first time since college.  Sherry likes to paint in Alla Prima style (in one sitting) and is currently enthusiastic in painting the great outdoors (Plein Air). Landscapes and portraits are her favorite subject matter, painted with a lean toward an impressionist style. She is an active member of several local plein air groups was an invited participant in several events with Pines and Palms plein air group.  She participates in various local shows and was a visiting artist at the Southern Exposure Art Gallery in Tallahassee last month.





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