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Bradenton, Florida
[email protected]


Susan Covert received her BFA from Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri. An illustrator for 30 years, her drawings and watercolors continue today as she still keeps her practice of a daily sketchbook. Now living in Florida since 2004, Susan paints full time and teaches at Venice Art Center and Renaissance School of Art.


Today Susan paints the domestic interior as inspired by the Dutch Masters finding inspiration from her own family and the places they live in the past or currently. She also began painting Plein air at a workshop in Corning, NewYork with Thomas Buechner in the early 1990’s. Since then she paints Plein Air in many locations, including Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida, High Point, South Carolina, Rochester, New York. She has won numerous awards, most recently First Place in the Sarasota Sailing Squadron Competition, First Place twice at Manatee Art Center 2016 and First Place in the Studio at Gulf and Pine exhibition 2016 on Anna Maria Island.


“I paint about the light in the interiors and landscapes around me. I thank God daily for bringing that light and his into my work.”


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