Barbara Perrotti


Daytona Beach, Florida
[email protected]


Born in Ohio, Barbara Perrotti feels a combined love of people and landscape, which grew out of living in many different locales during her formative years.


“My composition begins as an abstraction of nature and as I push toward reality, my thoughts are concentrated in the pure simplicity and pristine serenity of the impression.”


Upon moving to Connecticut as a small child, her mother sent her for formal drawing lessons. Knowing Barbara’s love of Art her husband sent her to college. She attended the Paier School of Art in New Haven, Ct. and then went on to study portraiture with Robert Brackman, Madison School of Art. Barbara has lived in Florida for the past 30 years. Upon moving here, her portrait career flourished but she was hopelessly drawn to the beauty of the Florida landscape. She moved her studio into the great outdoors and began serious landscape study taking workshops with Greg Kreutz, Morgan Samuel Price and Lois Griffell. Barbara is referred to as an impressionist with a strong sense of place, romancing her compositions with color and line. She was the original founder of East Coast Plein Air and the Emmons Cottage Cooperative and is presently serving on the Board of Directors for the Volusia County Cultural Alliance.




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