Steve Andrews

Tallahassee, FL

Almost thirty years ago my wife gave me a watercolor setfor Christmas.  (I always say: to get me off the golf course.)  I fell in love with it.  I loved the creativity, the challenge, the chase of trying to get it right.  I would put the kids to bed and set up in the kitchen.  Paint, paint, paint.  Time would fly.  I would have to set the alarm clock to tell when to go to bed.
About twenty years ago I switched from watercolor to oils.  I wanted to work bigger and brighter. I am self-taught and I learned my craft the old fashion way. Brush mileage. Lots of hours, days, weeks and years with a brush in my hand. I focus on landscapes and thetheme I come back to time and time again is the vanishing beauty of Florida.  
I have been painting outdoors as much as possible from the very beginning.  There is nothing better than being out there in person watching the light and color.  I try to keep itsimple. But there has to be complexity in the simplicity to make it visually interesting. And then there is still the chase of trying to get it right.  
I show my work online and at numerous art festivals inFlorida and the Southeast.  My website is  Check it out and come watch me paint.