Mike Jakubowski


Orlando, Florida
[email protected]


Mike Jakubowski is an emerging artist primarily focused on painting from life – en plein air. Although he calls Orlando Florida home, he is a frequent traveler across the US which offers him the ability to explore and practice his passions in diverse locations – from beachside haystacks on Oregon to winter snow drifts in New England.


In additional to traditional landscapes, Mike frequently incorporates the urban environment in his work. He explores the relationships between hard-edged manmade objects which offer a sense of permanence, offset against, yet interacting with an ever changing natural environment.


Mike credits art instruction and workshops from SUNY Plattsburgh, Creadle School of Art, and the Chesapeake Fine Arts Studio to his recent successes in quick-draw competitions. In 2016, he won and placed in multiple events including the Wekiva Paint Out, the Winter Part Paint Out, Paint Annapolis MD (two events), and the Canaveral Paint Out.


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